Let masters and grandmasters show you how to correctly open the game, calculate variations, outplay your opponent or grind out the win with exceptional technique! The Chess Media System, complete with a synchronized board for displaying games, was made for chess coaching – and is a great deal of fun to boot!

Here you will find hundreds of training videos on all areas of chess, chess shows, tournament reports, interviews and a great deal more. Enough material to see you make vast improvements across the board.


“POWER PLAY” show with Daniel King
What is the key to a successful attack on the king? How can I improve the harmony of my pieces? The Power Play show continues in the vein of Daniel King’s DVD series – except that the games are from current events. It is geared toward improving your chess knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

“Endgame Magic Show” with Karsten Müller
The endgames expert from Hamburg regularly welcomes guests to the ChessBase studios, including Peter Heine-Nielsen, Mihail Marin, Alexei Shirov, Sergei Tiviakov and others! Come along and explore the ever fascinating world of endgames!

“Simon says” with Simon Williams
English GM Simon Williams invites you to actively participate in his show to further your own chess understanding when looking at games of all types: "I want interaction on the show, so I encourage your thoughts and ideas!". Tune in for an educational dialog on chess.

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Why not take time out and enjoy an hour of the finest chess coaching! In our “60 Minutes” series some of the world’s strongest players and trainers explain classic opening systems, or have a concrete improvements for your repertoire. The complete range of “60 Minutes” videos is available online.
In addition, all the training videos from ChessBase Magazine are available here.
We particularly recommend checking out the “Move by move” column, where you learn winning techniques from recent grandmaster games. Answer the questions posed by GMs Daniel King or Simon Williams and understand the strategies employed by masters as they push to convert an advantage into a win!
Other items include:

  • “Strategy”: Improve your strategic understanding with GM Dorian Rogozenco, trainer of the German National Team
  • “Traps”: Rainer Knaak showcases a range of opening traps that opponents just love to fall into
  • “Endgames”: Let Karsten Müller, the renowned endgames expert, introduce you to the finesses of the later stages of the game
  • “Tactics”: Enjoy solving Oliver Reeh’s favorite combinations, and do something for your playing strength!


All the biggest chess events are covered on Playchess with comprehensive live commentary and player interviews as well as other interesting items. Our archives feature a selection from over the last ten years, including tournament reports, video commentary and interviews e.g. from the Chess Olympiad in Tromso 2014!

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