Your chess openings: Easily chosen and rapidly learned

How do you best learn new openings and set about training for them? Where can you save the variations and keep everything up-to-date? How can you best remember the moves and ideas so that you are able to recall them at the board without hesitation? These are the most important practical questions for every active chess player. Screenshot


The Openings Web App is a very innovative way to build a repertoire. This has never been easier: You have the most recent theory at your fingertips. The top games, the latest trends the proper statistics and engine analysis from Let's Check.


Embark on a voyage of discovery with the LiveBook! From the very first move, the LiveBook shows you all the latest theory. Even if you are a knowledgeable theoretician, you’ll be sure to stumble across new and surprisingly good opening variations very quickly. Be curious! Put together your repertoire move by move and expand on it with new ideas.

But how do you remember it all? Studying an opening is not that different from learning vocabulary. Use the variation trainer to solidly memorize your lines. Play games against the trainer. The system will repeat lines where you did not remember the correct moves before. Works well on your mobile phone.

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